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Welcome to my home in cyberspace. I enjoy making handmade greeting cards these days. Being in the same boat as quite a number of other Americans, being laid off, I found a fun way to keep myself busy. Besides making just greeting cards, I discovered the art of quilling. It's a lovely art form, and I've applied it to more then just my greeting cards. I've created signs, gift boxes, earrings, necklaces, and a whole bunch of keepsake items. I sell a lot of what I make at Etsy. So, if you'd like a beautiful keepsake card or gift for a special someone, check out my Etsy site at RyansFineDesigns.etsy.com. My cards are of heirloom quality, and you may even like to frame them.

I'm also giving lessons. So, if you're around the Des Moines, Iowa area, sap me an e-mail, and I'll let you know all about it. Otherwise, take a look at some of my designs and just enjoy yourself while you're there. I am continually adding new cards and gift items. So you may like to come back at a later date if you don't see something you need today. Just bookmark my Etsy site. Thanks. Have a great day!

Some of my Quilled Greeting Cards & Keepsake Gifts

Friday, January 21, 2011


Well, it was an interesting day today. Lenny and I started out about 9 this morning going to Newton for his drug test. It was starting to snow pretty heavy right when we left the house. It normally takes 20 minutes max to get there, but the weather was kind of bad, I had to drive a little slow. It took us a half an hour, and He JUST made it right on time. On the way back home, it was almost white-out conditions. Not terribly bad. I could see about a half a block, except when those dog-gone semi's rolled by. Then I could see about a foot. But only momentarily. Passed a few snow plows too. They're even worse.

Anyway, because of that, when we got home (safe and sound...whew) I turned on the TV to watch the weather report to see what was expected for the rest of the day. Turns out that the roads heading to Des Moines were slushy and icy (didn't see that coming…..rrrrriiight). So, I thought it best to re-schedule Michelle's cat scan instead of taking a chance on traveling another 70 miles round trip on icy highways. Michelle was quite upset about it because she wants to get this figured out. And the pain is bothering her. Can't say that I blame her. But, I'd rather have her in a little pain and alot alive, then no pain and alot dead. So we had to reschedule until Monday. We'll also get Lenny's drug test results Monday too. He better pass or he's a dead man. (Hey, it's ok if I kill them, but not the highway.)

Lenny is taking pain meds (codeine) because of his cracked tooth, until he can get it pulled on the 27th. So, if they test for opiates, he'll fail. But, he has the medicine bottle to prove he's not a drug addict. Just lazy at taking care of his teeth…lol.

He was also tested for marijuana. He was at a concert last Saturday and he said that some people around him were smoking reefer and he was afraid that it may have gotten into his system because of that. But last year, Michelle did a paper for school on what marijuana does to the body. (She's very much against doing drugs...thank you Jesus!) And what she researched said that it shouldn't show up unless you directly smoke it. So, he should be good. Will keep you posted on Monday. Hopefully I won't be so long winded . . . lol . . . sorry about that.

Friday, December 10, 2010

More Christmas Cards

More Christmas and Valentine's Day Cards. First picture is my display I have at the little grocery store here in our small town. Even though it's a small town, my sales are pretty good. I was surprised. Maybe the fact they are sitting right on the counter where people pay helps a little...lol.

card display

My sign on my display.

card display sentiment

I quilled a candle and a couple of poinsetta's to set it off on the Christmas card below.

Candle card side view

Here's a side view:

candle card side

Inside view
candle card inside

I added a couple of silver photo corners to the sticker on the back to dress it up a little. I'm not sure if I like it. I like it, but I don't want it to be so overwhelming. So, I only did it on this particular card.

Candle card


Below is my little St. Valentine lady.

st valentines front

Here is a side and back view together.

st valentines front 1

A simple sentiment again. Happy Valentine's Day.


Here's a close up of the quilled flowers.

st valentines flowers

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